Shipco's Domestic services help cultivate a complete one stop shopping experience for all your cargo needs. We can pick up cargo right from your door, and delivery is just as easy. Our flexible Transportation Management System (TMS) covers both FTL (full truck load) and LTL (less than truck load) to help ensure that your products are picked up and delivered to the right place, at the right time.


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Key Benefits

  • An extensive network of national, regional and local transport providers, including over 30 asset based motor carriers to reduce cost and increase service controls
  • Constant monitoring and quality assurance including motor carrier compliance & FMCSA SAFER Ratings
  • Time-saving and cost efficient single point of contact
  • Variety of LTL, FTL and specialty equipment types
  • Spot Rate options for larger shipments
  • TSA approved carrier options
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What Can I Do With A Login?

  • Easily obtain an all in rate quote from a pool of local and national carriers for easy price comparison including all accessorial and additional fees.
  • Make a no hassle booking.
  • Track your shipment milestones.

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Shipco TMS –Release 2018 R7 December 8th, 2018

Shipco’s Domestic Team are excited to announce the 7th TMS release of 2018, which was successfully deployed on Saturday, December 8th.

If you should experience any unexpected system issues on Monday morning the 10th, please first try this: Press Ctrl f5 together to refresh and/or Clear your browser cache. If there is still an issue, please contact your Domestic Support team for assistance.

Severe Weather Alert – Southeast USA - December 10, 2018

A severe winter storm with significant snow accumulations affected part of the Southeast region over this weekend. Unfortunately, delays are to be expected. Please keep this in mind when scheduling pick-ups and deliveries in the Southeast region.

You can rest assured that our Domestic team are doing their upmost to keep you updated about your shipment status. You may also track your shipment in real-time on our website by clicking on the PRO# link.

Thanks for your support of Shipco Domestic TMS!


Welcome to Shipco’s New Domestic Product Site, Shipco Transport TMS.  
Although the product is new, our experience and truck carrier network is second to none.
We are eager to improve upon the former In-House Trucking and serve your trucking needs
in the most efficient way. 

Be sure to check the News section often. As times goes on this is the area where we will post relevant updates that may affect your shipments,
including but not limited to port closures, weather or congestion delays- etc. We want to keep you well informed, so please take full advantage of
this News section as a quick and easy resource to reference related industry updates.