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Shipco's Domestic services help cultivate a complete one stop shopping experience for all your cargo needs. We can pick up cargo right from your door, and delivery is just as easy. Our flexible Transportation Management System (TMS) covers both FTL (full truck load) and LTL (less than truck load) to help ensure that your products are picked up and delivered to the right place, at the right time.

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Key Benefits
  • An extensive network of national, regional and local transport providers, including over 60 asset based motor carriers to reduce cost and increase service controls
  • Constant monitoring and quality assurance including motor carrier compliance & FMCSA SAFER Ratings
  • Time-saving and cost efficient single point of contact
  • Variety of LTL, FTL and specialty equipment types
  • Spot Rate options for larger shipments
  • TSA approved carrier options
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  • Easily obtain an all in rate quote from a pool of local and national carriers for easy price comparison including all accessorial and additional fees.
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  • Track your shipment milestones.

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Trucking Capacity Update

No relief on the horizon

Ports like Seattle in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) saw a constant wave of loaded import containers being discharged from vessels sitting on the docks with nowhere to go. As a result, dwell times are climbing.

Further along the supply chain, chassis trailers are sitting longer at shipper warehouses waiting to unload. And even when they’re empty, there isn’t sufficient space back at the overcrowded port to receive the empty containers.

Container ships continue to pile up off the Los Angeles coast with many more on the way.

California’s governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order (EO) aimed at taking pressure off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach by directing state agencies to look for additional container storage space.


Congestion spreads from sea to land

With limited space to store loaded containers, the port of Los Angeles is quickly grinding to a standstill as evidenced by the long lines of trucks waiting to both return empty containers and pick up loaded ones.

Truckload capacity in the Los Angeles markets remains tight as a result.

High-volume freight lanes including Stockton, Phoenix and Chicago, set new all-time highs for average line haul spot rates last week.

As some parts of the country start to open up in terms of capacity, others remain tight.

Expect one to two days delay for LTL shipments in areas shaded in red.

Utilize LTL carrier drop tailer programs at the following Shipco/ICT facilities to avoid storage and delays:

  • Chicago → Dayton
  • Los Angeles → Forward Air & The Customs Companies
  • New York → A Duie Pyle

Source: DAT Freight and Analytics
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Trucking Capacity Update

Dry van capacity view for the past 7 days is shown below.

The market will get even tighter again next week, going into the holiday weekend.

Carriers are doing their best to satisfy the market demand. Most LTL carriers are short on equipment and drivers.

Plan on continued flexibility to allow for the best coverage options.